What is Motorcycle Insurance?

Motorcycle Insurance is insurance that covers the legal liabilities that come from riding motorcycles. If you are a motorcycle enthusiast you’ve got a lot to look out for, especially the right motorcycle coverage. The danger and risks of riding motorcycles, along with the ease of vandalism and theft is hard to get around.

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Any time you’re on the road, there is a huge chance that you or a passenger could be injured. One of the most important things you can do is to make sure that your motorcycle is fully insured, to pay medical bills and property damage.
Your driving record is an important factor in calculating your insurance rates. Driving records include:

• The number of years a rider has been licensed
• Previous insurance experience
• The number of convictions or at-fault accidents (usually up to the last 6 years)

The better your driving record, the lower your insurance rates.

Motorcycle Rider’s Training Program – Participating in these courses will typically lower your premium when you take the certificate to your insurance agent. Approved motorcycle rider training courses are usually run by industry associations, safety councils, or government agencies. In some states, Motorcycle Rider’s education is required for licensing.

Click Here to see if your state requires you to participate in the course before licensing.

Click Here for another helpful link. This will inform you of your state’s equipment laws while riding.

Available Motorcycle Insurance Options

• Medical Payments cover medical expenses that are the result of any injury to you or a passenger, regardless of who is at fault. This coverage is highly recommended if the customer does not have health coverage available through his job or on his own.

• Liability Limits pay if you are at fault in a crash or hit a pedestrian. This coverage pays for injuries or death to all involved. This coverage also is extended to the passenger on your motorcycle which gives you added protection from lawsuits. Damage to property includes vehicles, private residences, store-fronts, other structures, etc.

• Collision means damage to your motorcycle, including impact with vehicles, motorcycles, trees, buildings, fall, hit-and-run or simply laying your bike down; in these situations, your deductible applies. For males 25 years old and younger, higher deductibles will typically lower your payments.

• Comprehensive covers damages caused by events other than collision, including flooding, vandalism, and fire. Comprehensive Coverage, which includes theft, can be quoted without collision in order to achieve a lower rate.

• Higher deductibles for comprehensive and collision lower your rate substantially. Uninsured Motorists Coverage in a not-at-fault accident pays when the other party has no coverage or not enough for injuries to you and your passenger. Coverage also applies if a hit-and-run driver injures you.

• Uninsured Motorist Property Damage (UMPD) pays you for damages caused by an uninsured driver or hit-and-run driver. If collision coverage is too high, you may wish to use UMPD as a substitute for collision as long as there is no lien holder.

• Roadside Assistance & Towing and Rental is very inexpensive to add, so why spend time thinking about it… Just add it!

Required Documents:

• Registration, title, or current bill of sale.
• Driver’s License, Social Security Number for owners and operators.
• Pictures may be required for physical damage.
• Copy of not-at-fault accident report, if applicable.
• Copy of previous insurance for required discount to apply.
• Driver’s training certificate, if applicable.