Mobile Home Insurance

Mobile Home Insurance is for homes that are assembled off-site and then relocated to the home site. Manufactured home insurance is a different policy from your standard home insurance policy. Residents of Mobile or Manufactured homes need to be educated about the type of coverage they should be looking for. Generally much more inexpensive than traditional homes, these homes require their own kind of coverage.

Manufactured Home Insurance is different from regular home owners insurance.

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If you are satisfied with your coverage, but are looking to save money can put you in touch with home insurance agents and get you on the road to finding even more affordable manufactured home insurance.

Things to ask for in your Mobile Home Insurance Policy

• Hazard/Physical Damage Insurance – A manufactured home insurance policy isn’t worth the paper it’s written on if it doesn’t include thorough hazard insurance to cover the damage that can occur to your mobile home from severe weather conditions. Reliable manufactured home insurance will financially protect you from a variety of threats. Perils can include (but are not limited to):
• Protection from lightning/ wind, hail, ice and snow, earthquakes, floods, fires, objects falling from the sky and other causes of damage.
• Vandalism and burglary and other criminal activity
• Protection from water damage caused by plumbing system or electrical issues that cause overheating.
• Home Content Coverage – When purchasing a manufactured home insurance policy, be sure to include coverage for everything inside your home. Your personal belongings—furniture, clothes, appliances, etc.—are worth a substantial amount of money. Without this coverage on your policy, you will be forced to replace every item out of pocket. Make a home inventory list, itemizing everything you own, and turn it into your agent so you can get specific and full personal coverage on your manufactured home insurance policy.

• Liability Insurance – Manufactured home insurance policies typically include personal liability coverage. However, the question is, does it include enough? If you or someone on your property is injured or damages the property, the costs (medical, legal, home repair) can cost up to thousands and thousands of dollars, very easily. Personal liability coverage on your manufactured home insurance policy will cover all of these expenses (just be sure to include high enough limits) without financially breaking you.