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Crematory Insurance

A crematory is a place of grief where loved ones come to pay their last respects. It is a place where people find comfort during their darkest hour. A crematory has potential risks that could lead to a financial crisis. An accident at the crematory involving staff, a family member of the grieving family, or improper handling of the remains could damage the business you have worked hard to build. Get a commercial insurance quote for your crematory now.

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Cost of crematory Insurance

There are many liabilities and risks that crematories face. Just like any other business, a crematory has the potential for vandalism, theft, or fire.

To safeguard your business, you need to have specific crematory insurance that is ideal for crematoriums.

The price of cemetery insurance will depend on the location, services offered, and experience.

Other factors that could determine the cost include the ceremonies the family members would like to hold. For example, having a remembrance or celebration of life may increase the cost.

Types of Crematory insurance available


  • General Liability Insurance

The policy helps cover your costs if you are sued for mistakes, oversights, or if you fail to deliver a service promised.


  • Workers Compensation Insurance

During work, staff can sustain an injury from falling or slipping while digging the grave and burns during cremation. The insurance protects employees from work-related injuries. In case of an injury, worker’s compensation covers the cost of lost wages and medical bills.

  • Commercial auto insurance

Collecting and transporting the remains should be limited to drivers with the appropriate license. Commercial auto insurance provides comprehensive coverage for your vehicles. In case you lease vehicles or use personal vehicles, additional insurance is necessary.

  • Commercial Property Insurance

The crematory poses a high risk of fire to the building due to the high temperatures required to cremate the body. Commercial insurance covers the property against fire, damage, and vandalism. In case you need additional coverage for cremation equipment, confirm with your insurer or agent.

Direct Cremation

It is cheap and saves the family money. It also eliminates the need for a funeral home especially if the deceased is transported from the hospital directly to the crematorium. A simple service is held by the family and friends.

Direct cremation can be either attended, where the family holds a service for the deceased while unattended cremation has no mourners.

Having an insurance policy ensures your loved one is given a loving send-off, without burdening the family.

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