Key Insurance Company

Key Insurance is a Commercial liability Insurance Agency that specializes in building and commercial insurance.  Key Insurance offers a variety of liability insurance policies, including general liability, property damage, and product liability. They also offer a range of other insurance products, such as workers’ compensation, automobile insurance, and homeowner’s insurance.

Key Insurance Agency

In addition to their business and liability coverage, Key Insurance also offers a number of discounts and benefits to their policyholders. These include a discount for having multiple policies with Key Insurance, as well as a variety of other discounts .

We believe Key Insurance is the way purchasing insurance should be in today’s world. By partnering and appointing with several insurance companies, our site taps into their in-house system, generates quotes and passes the savings on to you, the customer. Whether you need a simple auto policy, home insurance, BOP, term life insurance, whole life insurance, general commercial liability, key man insurance, or an annuity our experts at Key Insurance can quote and cover it all!

Key Insurance was founded by licensed insurance agents who saw the need to offer insurance products direct to consumers.

key insuranceBesides having different choices of Auto, Home, Life, Health, Commercial, Recreational Vehicles and Crafts, and even Pet Insurances, we have something that Small Businesses shouldn’t be without – Key Man Insurance! Key Man Insurance is life insurance that businesses take out on their key people in the event of their untimely death. In small businesses, the key people could include the owner or founder and perhaps crucial employees to that business. A key man (person) is someone who, without their expertise and knowledge, the company would fail. We can make sure that doesn’t happen!

Contact us at Key Insurance anytime and our licensed agents will be glad to answer any questions you might have, assist you in making critical insurance decisions, offer expert advice, quote your policy, or just lead you in the right direction for all your insurance needs. Do you want to talk to an annuity expert? Call us, Key Insurance has one! Would you like to talk to a commercial insurance expert? We have one! Do you need to talk about life insurance with an expert? We have those, too!

All Your Insurance Needs Made Simple, Affordable, and Accessible From One Location

Key Insurance is an online agency for all of your insurance needs. At Key Insurance, we offer all types of insurance coverage direct from the insurance carriers themselves, which means you are saving time and money when you buy your insurance here!

When it comes to insuring your business, there are a few key types of insurance you’ll need to consider. First, liability insurance will protect you in the event that someone is injured on your property or if you’re sued for damaging someone else’s property. This is especially important if you own a commercial building or have customers visiting your premises. Second, you’ll need to insure your building and contents in case of damage from fire, vandalism, or other disasters. Finally, if you have any employees, you’ll need to purchase workers’ compensation insurance to cover their medical expenses if they’re injured on the job. By investing in these key types of insurance, you can protect your business from financial ruin in the event of an accident or disaster.