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Cemetery Insurance

A cemetery is not just a place where the deceased is finally laid to rest but a peaceful place where the loved ones come to mourn and pay their last respects. It may be seen as a place where nothing could go wrong. However, some challenges and risks could expose the cemetery owner to professional and financial loss. Get a commercial insurance quote for your cemetery now.

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Cemetery Insurance

As a cemetery owner, you need to safeguard yourself and your business from potential damage. A cemetery is susceptible to damages that include theft, vandalism, fire, or floods. Cemeteries work with funeral homes, hospices, and morgues to provide prior preparation of bodies for burial. Cemetery insurance protects your business from lawsuits and claims.

Cost of Cemetery Insurance

Standard general liability insurance for a cemetery depends on the cemetery location, services offered, experience, and the number of employees.

Types of Insurance Needed for Cemeteries

Cemeteries face the same perils as any other business. The cemetery is constantly exposed to threats that can cause financial distress.

Commercial Liability Insurance

It protects you from property damage as well as personal injury claims. Commercial liability insurance will help you pay for damages that are caused within the cemetery grounds. For example, if a person falls and slips getting injured, you are legally responsible for paying for medical expenses.

Professional Liability Insurance

It is also referred to as errors and omissions insurance; the policy covers costs associated with lawsuits filed against the cemetery owner for oversight or professional mistake. For example, you can be sued for not having the cemetery grounded prepared in good time. E & O insurance will cover the legal costs.

Workers Compensation

The insurance covers medical-related expenses for an employee who sustains a work-related injury and their lost wages during the treatment.

Business Auto

If you are going to provide transport services, the policy covers accidents and compensations resulting from the accident.

Business Interruption

There are many reasons where a cemetery may be forced to close down temporarily. A business interruption policy will cover the loss until the time the cemetery is operational.

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