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Camp Insurance

Camps offer enriching outdoor experiences and lifetime opportunities to children as well as patrons. Both public and private organizations provide various activities and programs. They can be religious, social, or school-based camps. Some activities offered at camps include cycling, swimming, nature trails, canoeing, horseback riding, campfire programs, all of which carry risks. Get a commercial insurance quote for your Camp now.

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Summer Camp

Children love going to camps where they can hang out with their friends as they explore the outdoors. As the director or facilitator, it can be all fun and games, but you have much more to worry about. Getting camp insurance protects your business from any legal liabilities caused by injuries and other accidental claims that may occur at the camp.

Cost of Camp Insurance

General liability insurance costs will depend on the camp location, enrollment, cost, and payroll.

Why Camps require Insurance

Due to the nature of operations in a summer camp, there are specific risks that, as the director, you should be aware of and protect yourself.

  • Risk of injuries- most camps ensure parents and guardians sign a waiver in case of injuries while at the camp. The director will not be held liable.
  • Premises liability claims- as the director, it is your responsibility to ensure the camp facilities are inspected to avoid injuries to campers.

Claims resulting from not doing background checks on facilitators and staff- it is essential to do background checks on staff to ensure there’s no history of child abuse of any form. If a problem arises at the camp, you will be held liable.

Type of Insurance needed to Camps

General Liability Insurance

The policy offers protection for your camp facilitators, staff, and campers against bodily injuries and property damage.

Medical Insurance provides compensation for injuries or illnesses that occur while at the camp. Some policies cover dental injuries. They are in two categories—the private policy and excess for those with individual personal cover.

As a camp business owner, it is essential to have a comprehensive cover for your business and staff that offers coverage in liabilities from injuries, property damage, worker’s compensation, and business interruption. An insurance policy protects the camp from liability problems that they face.

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