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Supermarket Insurance

Supermarkets offer essential services to the community. Supermarkets operate by selling goods and services to people in the community. They are operated as chain branches through large corporations or as small businesses individually owned.

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Some supermarkets operate 24 hours to serve their customers and offer services like pharmacies, banks, restaurants, etc. Products sold by supermarkets include dry goods, meats, dairy, groceries, and frozen foods. All the operations within the supermarket carry risks that could potentially lead to lawsuits and claims on your business. Supermarket insurance protects your business against such claims.

What is the Cost of Supermarket Insurance?

The standard cost of general liability insurance for a supermarket will depend on the size of the supermarket, location, the number of employees, experience, type of building facility, products and services offered, revenue, and history of claims.

Why does a supermarket need insurance?

On a single day, the number of customers who visit a supermarket is vast. It means the risks associated with the business are just as high and frequent.

Some of the damage can be as a result of a liquid on the floor that can lead to a slip and fall at the supermarket, and a customer can claim they got food poisoning after consumption of food bought from your store, a fire, theft, or vandalism could destroy your building facility.

The right supermarket insurance can protect you by covering the cost that is associated with these incidences. That said, supermarkets are legally required to comply with specific insurance policies.

Types of Insurance Coverage for Supermarkets

The basic supermarket insurances policies required include

Commercial Property 

The policy covers the supermarket’s building as well as the contents inside which includes the inventory.  The damage could as a result of theft, vandalism, or natural disasters.

Commercial General Liability

The policy protects your business from third-party injury claims and property damage. For example, a customer slips and falls, sustaining injuries. The customer can decide to sue. The insurance policy covers all related costs, including medical, legal, and settlements.

Worker’s Compensation

As a business owner, your employees are entitled to a safe working space. Should any of your staff suffer a work-related injury, the policy will cover all medical care they need and compensate the wages lost because of the injury.

To get the right coverage for your supermarket, speak to a reliable insurer who understands risks carried by supermarket establishments.

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