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Construction Vehicle Insurance

From bulldozers and excavators to crane trucks and concrete mixers, these vehicles play a crucial role in everything from clearing land to laying the foundation for a new building. However, construction vehicles also come with a unique set of risks. Because they are often used in rugged terrain and operate at high speeds, they can be involved in serious accidents. As a result, construction vehicle insurance is a must for any business that owns or operates construction vehicles. This insurance provides protection for the vehicle itself as well as any damage or injuries that may occur as a result of an accident.

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Construction Insurance for Vehicles

This is a type of insurance where your vehicle is being used for construction reasons. It works much like that of Commercial Insurance except you use the vehicle for construction instead of transporting goods or passengers.

Your business needs construction auto coverage if you or your employees will use vehicles on the job site or en-route from one site to another.

Most personal auto policies exclude from coverage the use of a vehicle for commercial or construction purposes or have you pay more in your premiums if you use your personal vehicle for work related things. For example, an outside sales representative who travels would pay more than a person who travels to their work and back.

A construction auto policy does the same thing as your personal auto policy but it also covers you while you work. A regular auto policy may not if you do not have your vehicle listed as a construction vehicle. It provides coverage to repair or replace a vehicle damaged in an accident.